Addicted to every kind of music DJ DANIELE DANIELI not only plays house and commercial music, but he’s also a successful dance music producer. At the Chungastudio in Venice, he gave birth to a number of important productions such as “LA DANCE D'HELENE” - Real Joy that reached number 1 in Canada and climbed the French Top Ten.

In 1999 he met Mistericky with whom he first realized "TU...dandabadam", one year later he realized Tony Sweat (Sex Machine... Gheropppaaa)a great hit in Spain and France.

In 2004 comes out M@D - The Concert, based on the song "Seven Nation Army"

(The White Stripes), everyone starts to sing Po-po-po-po-po-po-poo, and when in 2006 Italy wins FIFA world cup, “ The Concert” becomes the official anthem.

In early 2018 he started with DJ Fopp aka Funktrain a new label called "Disco Explosion Records", focusing to release House Music, Nu Disco, Jackin House, Disco, and Funk.

In early 2019 he started with DJ Fopp aka Funktrain another label called “Full Dance Records", focusing to bring you the best dance music in every genre possible from House to Pop Music.

https://www.discoexplosionrecords.com    https://www.fulldancerecords.com